Adoptive Parent Coaching

Adoption can be a traumatic process.  The decision to adopt is usually a long journey, with many pitfalls along the way.  The process itself can be frustrating, lots of emotional ups and downs along the route and treacherous to navigate.

Coaching offers a safe place for you to explore adoption – is it for you? What can you offer? What are the joys, successes, difficulties and challenges along the way? How can you learn the most from this process? An unbiased, non judgemental approach will enable you to discover these things for yourself - without someone telling you what you should do.

With first hand experience of this process and the challenges children from adoption bring, BraveHeart can provide empathy as well as using coaching skills to move you forward in your decision.  Adoption can be described as parenting+, parenting is a challenge in itself but with the plus of a disruptive start in life, these children need a different kind of parenting.

There are a number of ways coaching can be accessed.

  • One to one coaching on any issue you need to explore - either face to face, on the phone or online.
  • Group coaching – looking at specific areas and/or following an agreed programme.
  • Coaching packages – one to one or group.