Should you use the escape lane?

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On holiday last week we were driving down a steep road and I noticed the sign for an ESCAPE LANE – one of those little slip roads you can go down if you lose control on the road.  That phrase and the concept of that escape lane really stuck with me.  Probably partly because we were having a particularly difficult holiday (as you do sometimes) where nothing seemed to please the kids and constant shouting and screaming seemed the order of the day.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to slip into that escape lane, I thought.  Just for a few minutes (well maybe hours!) where you could just escape from everything in your life.  Of course we all do this is lots of ways without calling it an escape lane – waiting for the kids to go to bed or back to school, the sign of relief when someone can look after them for an hour or so, a glass of wine maybe, your regular soap on TV or a completely unrealistic fantasy film.  There are loads of things that help us escape for those few minutes.

So is it good to escape from life?  Is it a necessity to be able to function?  I don’t know.  It certainly feels like it at times.  But how would it be to be able to stay on the road and still find what you need to have that feeling you get from escape.  What is the feeling actually that you get from escape?  Lack of responsibility and pressure, peace and quiet, sense of not having to face anything painful and difficult?

Well for me it’s a combination of all those things.  And I guess I’m now wondering if it’s a good thing and what would it take to be able to face up to the things I want to escape from?

So what do you want to escape from today?  How would it be to face it head on?  What would you gain from doing that?  And what will it take to stay on the road without using that escape lane?

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