Lessons from the Lorax

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I love Dr Seuss. Before I had children I loved Dr Seuss and now I have children I love him all the more. We went to see the Lorax this weekend and there were a few quotes that really made me think about this journey of adoption.

1) “A seed is not about what it is but what it can become” – I watch my children sometimes amazed at who they are becoming. The times when they are not scared. anxious and screaming – but the other times when they are confident, calm, self-assured – I can see something of what they could become. Those times may be few and far between, but they are more than they were. Every day is another opportunity to help them figure out who they are becoming. I have to remind myself many times of that fact – that they are like new seeds just planted – even though they are 8, 10 and 11 they are actually very tiny seeds that have been moved around in different soil before they have been planted with us. What they have experienced up to now with others has been a mixture but it’s not written in stone how they will turn out.

Many times we are told the outcomes for adopted and looked after children are so bleak. Whilst I understand statistics are important, I also know that just because the statistics may be bad – it doesn’t mean it has to be like that.

2) “Let it grow – you can’t reap what you don’t sow” - this carries on from the first quote really. Once the seed is planted it needs to have time to grow. Think of all the elements that need to be in place for a seed to grow into a strong, rooted tree. Good soil, water, sun, and above all time. I know as we grow as a family there will be, and are, many days of despair when it seems hopeless BUT there is hope. Every positive bit of input we give them nourishes them and gives them the strength to grow. Be encouraged that the little, ordinary, every day positive things you put into your kids is making a difference to their long term future.

3) “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lots nothing is going to get better. Its’ not” – this quote refuses to get out of my mind. The reason we came into adoption was a selfish reason to start with. We wanted a family and couldn’t have one naturally. However along the way it has become something bigger than that. To not be too dramatic about it – it has gripped me. I live and breath adoption sometimes – talking to others, researching ways to help the children and other parents, training others and working hard to get the positive message of adoption out there. I’m reading a book by Jeff Goins at the moment called Wrecked and it talks about discovering that thing that compels you to act – compassion is passion in action. I’d encourage you to look into your heart today and ask yourself that question – what moves you to act? It may be nothing to do with adoption. It will be to do with people though I can guarantee. If you don’t know what it is – start to ask yourself that question and then wait, keep your eyes open and something will appear.

So Dr Seuss the great philosopher of our time has again spoken to me, I hope to you too. I’d love to hear other Dr Seuss moments….connect with me on Facebook BraveHeart Adoption Coaching and let me know.

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