The year of the new

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I’ve realized lately that this year has been the year of the new. There are so many things that I’ve done for the first time or that I’ve been so connected to it’s felt like the first time. What I mean by that is that sometimes we do something we’ve done many times before but because we actually stop, look, listen and experience it then it’s like the first time.

So some are actually new experiences:-
  • Speaking at an education conference
  • Front page of a national newspaper
  • Preaching at our local church
  • Leading an adopters 24 hour retreat
  • Being coached by a horse (yes)
  • Humming through a straw (ok may need some explaining if you’re interested ask me)
Some big, some not so big, but all are brand new experiences for me and have been great.
However those other experiences where they feel new are great too:-
  • Listening to brilliant music whilst starring out the window of a train
  • Sliding down a bouncy slide with my kids
  • Celebrating with friends our 5th anniversary as a family
  • Writing my second book
  • A lovely cup of tea at the end of a harsh day
  • Hearing the rain bouncing off the windows (all too familiar sound in England)
I’m just about to publish my second book ‘how to reach the hard-to-reach child’ and I’m very excited about that. I thought I would take another look at my first book ‘relentless life…how to find he extraordinary in the ordinary’ and I’ve been reacquainted with the wonderful observations of life that are around us in everything we see and do. I do love this life we live with all it’s challenges and joys – it’s so vibrant if we can only see all the colours.
So what have you done for the first time this year? Take some time to appreciate that, whatever age you are, and to celebrate the newness of experiences. Maybe it’s more about seeing familiar things as new for you – what can you step back and really see as if for the first time today and be thankful for all the small and big experiences life brings. 
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