Better that you’ve come from nothing, than nothing comes from you

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These lyrics to a song by The Feeling always jump out at me when I hear the song – why is that I wonder? Well I’m always amazed when I hear stories of people who’ve overcome horrendous pasts to become generous, giving and big hearted people. They have every right to become bitter, twisted and angry but somehow they manage to not do that but instead use their adversity to make things better for other people.

My friend Wendy is one such person – she has written her blog about this title and I can say her life today is one that gives to others all the time.

It’s not just people who’ve had neglect and abuse in their lives but I think about my Dad as well who came from a family of grafters – working middle class they would probably have been called. His father started the family business of which my Dad then carried on with one of his brothers, cousins and uncle. When he used to tell stories of those early days – when it was like they had come from nothing, they had to work really hard to get to a place of security and comfort. My Dad sadly passed away nearly five years ago now but one of his legacies to me was his generosity – he was always a giving man – if he saw a need and could fill that need he would. Maybe because he could remember being in need materially himself as a young sibling of four, maybe because he also had a relationship with a giving God, possibly because he never lost sight of the blessings he had and didn’t focus on the things he didn’t have – I don’t know but I do know that example stays with me and I hope I can be like that too.

This phrase also makes me think of my children. Born in want, neglect and abuse their starts could be considered as nothing – the love their birth parents felt for them was overshadowed by their personal needs and inadequacies.  When I look at them now, 6 years on from then, my daily prayer is that they will be able to use their life story for good, at some point. That once they can make sense of their lives, that they will know how to reach out to others in need and not just look after themselves. We all have a story that can benefit others. The hardship we all go through whether you consider it to be small or large, in the scheme of things, there is always someone else who is going through a similar thing and the lessons you’ve learnt or the support you needed they will also need.

So whatever your start in life – whether in need or plenty, whether you knew the security of a nurturing family or you didn’t let’s try and reach out to others and show them that they are valued individuals and that we care enough to notice where they’re out and be as giving a person as we can be. 

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This weeks title is – ‘I seldom end up where I want to go but I always end up where I need to be’ – Douglas Adams quote.

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