‘I seldom end up where I want to go but I always end up where I need to be’

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I seldom end up where I want to go but I always end up where I need to be’ is the title of our blog buddies challenge this week and it made me think of a blog I wrote a few weeks ago actually but never posted. Hopefully you’ll see as you read through why I made the link in my mind.

What is it about being in a different city on your own? It feels mysterious – that no-one knows you – you could be anyone! You could have a completely different life – I’m a famous brilliant writer travelling the world wowing people with my insights, I’m a fashion designer looking for the next big thing, I’m an actor or singer just recovering from my latest performance – ok so maybe my daydreams are a bit grandiose but you get the idea. There’s something about being able to re-invent yourself, start again with a clean sheet of paper. It’s not that I don’t like the sheet of paper I already have but it’s a well used, well worn, crinkly piece of paper that seems so familiar to me sometimes I don’t recognise the uniqueness of it.

So I wonder if there’s someone out there daydreaming about my life? Ha that’s a strange thought. But maybe there is. Someone who wishes they had an amazing family, a job they loved, a future that looks exciting and a hope in an all powerful God who can transform anything into a beautiful work of art. Wow when I look back on what I’ve just written about my life I’d like to live that life too!! If you could describe your life in a few sentences or phrases I wonder what it would be?! But not from where you are now looking at the crumbled, worn piece of paper but imagining someone else wishing they had your life – what are the unique aspects of your life? When you look at yourself from outside of yourself what do you see?

I’m in London today and I love travelling to other places and I love to shop. However today I had a few hours to kill so I started to look around the shops but there was nothing that I wanted to buy – and I realise that’s because I don’t need anything else. That’s right, I know that every time I go shopping I hear that in my head but normally I reply “well I know I don’t need it but it’s very nice and I’d like it”. However today I felt like the voice was saying “you know you don’t even want anything else – you have everything you need and want”! Wow for those who know me well you will know that’s a bit of a revelation. There’s nothing else I want in my life right now. Nothing money could buy and actually nothing money can’t buy. I know all the things I said about my life above are true.

Of course this feeling may not last longer then it takes me to write this but I’m content that I can be content at times. That when I look at what I do have I know it’s more than enough. I hope I remember this feeling for a long time to come! And the times when I wonder how I ended up where I am in my life I will remember that many times what I want and what I actually need are very different things.

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